Terms of Services

Effective as of 1 September 2022

Important information for all users of Teacher on Demand (“tod”).

About Our Terms of Service

Below you find our terms of service (ToS). Put in broad terms they outline and define:

-         That you as a user commits to keeping yourself updated with the latest ToS for using the tod service.

-         That you must respect the intellectual property rights and that you are not allowed to reproduce the tod service, in any version, somewhere else.

-         That you must have the rights to post the content you upload to tod by the rights owner, if this is someone else but you, when you advertise a task. You are not allowed to post text or images depicting anything illegal.

-         That you must understand that tod uses a third party, Stripe (www.stripe.com), for providing payments between the users of The Service, and that you must accept Stripes Terms of Service as well, if you provide a service through tod for which you receive payments.

-         That you must understand that tod and the company behind have restricted responsibility for the availability and performance of the service and that all information related to the service are correct at all times.

-         That you should be aware that tod and the company behind handles personal information according to our current Privacy Policy.


These Terms of Service ("ToS"), together with the other terms (such as the Privacy Policy) available on tod’s website (“The Website”) and in the tod application(s) for smartphone(s) (“The Apps”) and other terms that tod in some cases might provide users with, describes the terms applicable for using the tod services on The Website and in The App (together referred to as The Services or separately as “The Service”).

By using the tod service through either The Website or The App you automatically approve the tod ToS and are obligated to also follow them.

We recommend that you print a copy of the ToS for future reference.

Fredacar AB (Company registration number in Sweden 559212-9646), the company behind tod and in the sequel referred to as “tod”, might change these ToS from time to time and will make the new version of the ToS available on The Website and The App. The newer version of the ToS will be valid for new users of the tod service from the time they are available on The Website and in The App. Existing users will be obligated to follow the new version of the ToS 30 days after an announcement of the new version of the ToS have been made either through email or by having made them available on The Website and in The App.

You must be 13 years or older to use the tod service. Higher age restrictions may apply to some services in the App. The tod service is not provided to persons that have violated these ToS, earlier versions of tod’s ToS, other terms provided by tod or applicable laws and/or regulations. All users are registered as private citizens, we do not allow corporations to register as a person at this point.

tod reserves the right to, according to its own judgement, expel users from The Service that have been using The Service in violation with these ToS, applicable law or in any other way that are unacceptable to tod.

Intellectual Properties

All content/properties on The Website or in The App, including The Website’s and The App’s layout and design is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and/or other intellectual property regulations. If nothing else is stated all content on The Website and in The App are tod’s own exclusive properties.

You are allowed to print single pages from The Website and The App but you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, or distribute any content/properties or any information from The Website or The App without having a written approval from tod.

You should always ask for approval before you link to The Website since a link to The Website might imply that you make the content you’re linking to publicly available. You are allowed to link to the start page of The Website if the linking means a visitor is directed to The Website in the same or in a new browser window, as long as these are complete individual browser windows. You are not allowed to index the content of The Website or The App and based on this automatically create links to The Website or The App from your own website. You are neither allowed to link to content of The Website or The App using any kind of framing system or pop-up windows. You should always consider that there might be other parties than tod owning rights to the content/properties on The Website or The App and that these parties also need to approve any external usage of the content/properties.

All unauthorised usage of the tod service implies obligation to indemnify. Users who, on purpose or by broad negligence, infringes the law can be sentenced with a fine or to jail and be obliged to pay indemnity.

User Generated Content

User generated content is all content that a user of either The Website or The App creates and/or uploads to The Website or The App, this could e.g. be photos, movies, and texts for advertised tasks (“User Generated Content”). tod makes no claim on ownership to the User Generated Content.

When you use the service you guarantee that you have the rights to the User Generated Content, either that you yourself are the creator or rights owner (this could e.g. be a photo or text for an ad), or that everyone that’s been involved in the creation of the content have approved the User Generated Content to be used in the context of The Website or The App following these ToS.

When you use the service you also guarantee that the User Generated Content is not protected by copyright that you have not been approved to use.

You guarantee that any persons that are identifiable within the User Generated Content (e.g. in a photo or through the use of their name) are aware of how the content are used and also that they have formally approved their appearance in the User Generated Content and that tod have the rights to use the User Generated Content for marketing purposes. By uploading User Generated Content when you advertise a task using the tod service you give tod the full rights to that User Generated Content, and for example edit, re-format, store or copy it and make it publicly available in all media channels of choosing. The rights to the User Generated Content might also be given to partners of tod. tod is further allowed to use the User Generated Content for marketing purposes. The rights to the User Generated Content are still valid after an advertised task has been erased from the service.

Hereby you exclude yourself from all demands of compensation from tod for tod’s usage of the User Generated Content.


tod does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or safe access to The Services. The operation of The Website and/or The App might be disturbed by numerous external factors that tod is not able to control. tod does not guarantee availability of The Website or The App or individual features within The Website or The App. You cannot make tod responsible for any damages that, directly or indirectly, have been caused by using The Website or The App or by taking part of content present within The Website and/or The App.

The Website and The App are primarily a marketplace and tod has no control over or does not take any part in the transactions between users advertising a task and users providing teaching service. You should not assume that an offer is valid or legal just because it appears on The Website or in The App.

tod does not take any responsibility for damages due to missing or delayed responses to advertised tasks or in conversations related to an advertised task.

tod does not take any responsibility for the competence of the Teacher.
You as a user take full responsibility for providing correct personal information (first, and last name) that are in coherence with your legal/registered residence. A user of the Service is allowed to have no more than one registered account.

Only registered users are allowed to carry out teaching services and/or advertising a task. Accounts are personal. Sharing of accounts is not allowed and it is not allowed to let another person use your tod account.

When you have responded to a task and are approved for a teaching service you are to be considered the teacher (“The Teacher”) in agreement with the person advertising a task (“The Student”).

All users of The Service should take their own responsibility for any possible taxation as a result of using the Service to get help from or provide a service to others. Please turn to your local tax authority for further information.

Rules for advertising, teaching and use of the service

It is not allowed to advertise unrealistic tasks. tod reserves the right to remove an ad or cancel an ongoing teaching session that it considers out of scope.

It is not allowed to advertise tasks that are considered illegal by local law. Abuse may be reported to the police.

It is not allowed to advertise tasks that include political agitation, campaigning, fake news or incitement against ethnic groups.

It is not allowed to share sexual or offensive material via the Services.

The Teacher is not allowed to ask for payments to be done outside The Service.

It is not allowed to propose or agree on meeting in person via the Services.

The Teacher is not allowed to ask for personal details of The Student.

The Relation Between Users

tod is not in any way a part in the agreement between The Student and The Teacher, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damages inflicted by users entering agreements between one another by using The Service.

Payments between users

By using The Service, The Student and The Teacher can send and receive money as agreed as the reward set in the advertisement.

tod provides a payment service from an external part, Stripe Inc, on The Website and in The App, which The Student and The Teacher can utilise for payments related to an ad. By agreeing to these ToS and by continuing to use The Service and perform teaching sessions for which you get paid, you are also bound by terms of service provided by Stripe and are available through their website, www.stripe.com. Stripe’s terms can change from time to time. As one term included in Stripe’s terms you must provide accurate and correct information about yourself and explicitly give your consent to tod to share such information and other transactional information in the payment service provided by Stripe.

Payments to The Teacher’s registered bank account are activated when the teaching session has ended, are reported in The App, reviewed and approved.

tod charges a transaction fee for each teaching session, which may vary in time and per market. In Sweden and the UK, the transaction fee is currently 25%. The fee is drawn from The Teacher which hence receives 75% of the payment defined by The Student.

Campaign code usage

In order to utilise the discount related to a campaign code the code must be entered when a task is advertised. A campaign code is only valid for the categories where a Student pays. The amount of the discount is refunded to The Student through its registered payment card and will be at The Student’s bank account a couple of days after the teaching session has ended and The Student has paid for the teaching session.

If nothing else has been communicated, the campaign code and its related discount is valid the first time a Student pays for a teaching session.


You as a user undertakes to keep tod without any damage for the case that any third party should demand compensation due to User Generated Content or due to that you as a user have violated these terms of service, any applicable laws or general regulations or the rights of a third party.

Personal information

tod handles your personal information in agreement with what is defined in the Privacy Policy.

Right to withdraw

You are aware that by taking part of, or starting to use the Services that are advertised on The Website or in The App, you have no rights to withdraw transactions related to an already performed service.


You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding your experience with tod. We read, evaluate and answer all incoming questions. If required, we will contact any other parties involved, such as another tod user. We will keep you updated with the status of your particular case via email or via the chat in The App. You can at any time get back to us with additional information or other questions you may have regarding your case.

Contact information

Fredacar AB, Sweden, info@fredacar.com

Company registration number: 559212-9646

Applicable law and dispute settlement

Swedish law should apply with respect to these terms of service and disputes should be settled in Swedish court.

Updated September 1, 2022

© Fredacar AB 2022